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This page was last admitted to be updated on Tuesday June 23, 2020

Welcome to the home of the hyperyote Kurst. This is just a small slice of Kurst’s home life. Right now it’s plain and simple. You probally can’t tell that I’m a software developer by trade by the way this looks. Honestly - I don’t have time to make this as good as my work sites in real life. So until I get a new job this is a work in progress and hopfully in a few months I will redo it. Until then it is a WORK IN PROGRESS!

Again repeat after me it's a WORK IN PROGRESS!

Before going off and talking about other things on the site I would like to mention MNFurs a group for anthropomorphic fandom in the Minnesota formally meet every other week in the Twin Cities. The official mailing list is currently located at Minneapolis/Saint Paul/Minnesota Fur Group Mailing List currently it will most likely move to a different group software since Yahoo decided to classify as adult. The group is for all ages and is open to anyone in fandom.

But since you are here look around. You might see something you like. And I INSIST that you drop me a line how you find here and why you stop by scribbling with a claw in my Guest Book.

Oh for those that need to contact me... Please use IM of some sort. I really am much more easily reachable by that. If you can’t find an IM address for me. Please feel free to use my Kurst email address here I can't promise how fast I will get back by email. But I can say this. This yote is not too hyper on responding to email.


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